Mental Health

A mental health condition refers to symptoms that may be caused by several factors including life events and genetics. Symptoms can range from personality issues, psychotic, or compulsive disorders, to anxiety and mood swings. A mental health condition can be temporary or lifelong.

An impairment because of a mental health condition means a person experiences loss or damage to their mental function. Mental functions include the way we understand, think, and feel about things. A person can have a mental health condition that causes a lifelong impairment and still work towards achieving their best state of wellbeing.

At Mellow Care, we provide a range of mental health services designed to help people experiencing mental health challenges to thrive in the community. These include:

Psychosocial support services – providing recovery support for adults with severe mental illness across Australia, including the Psychosocial Support program, Continuity of Support, and Transition Support program.

Carer support – Mellow Care has a longstanding commitment to supporting carers. Our organisation was founded by carers, and we have thousands of carers to ‘put themselves first’ with self-care strategies, peer support, education, information, and social groups.