Assistance with daily living

At the moment around 4.3 million people living across Australia, with the need for assistance with their daily life. Assistance with Daily living gives an NDIS participant the core supports they need to maintain their independence and accomplish daily activities.

Live independently in the comfort of your own home with support for daily activities, including personal and household chores.

Daily personal activities:

We provide you everyday support from staff matched to your requirements who can support you in a range of settings, including, but not limited to, your own home.

Personal tasks may include:

  • Personal hygiene, showering and grooming

  • Dressing and getting ready

  • Going to the bathroom

  • Moving around your house or apartment.

Household chores:

Household tasks, big or small, don’t need to be a barrier to maintaining your independence. Mello Care is here to support you with your domestic chores, enabling you to maintain your home, your way.

Household tasks may include:

  • Cleaning chores

  • Dishwashing and drying

  • Sorting laundry & washing your clothes

  • Preparation and delivery of meals

Our friendly team will not only assist you with these tasks, but equip you with the skills you need to be independent, safe and comfortable in your home.

At Mellow Care, our assistance with daily living services can be tailored to suit you, and can be adjusted to meet changing needs at any time, helping you to live life on your terms.